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    Spiritual art, initiated in China, incubated in the United States, and imbued with a global perspective, is a quest to connect all life. It was founded by Nuo An and inspired by her artistic and life experiences, refers to a new form of creativity which, at its core, is based on connections. These connections include a dialogue between body and mind, intensive collaboration among artists, communion between performer and audience, and a fusion of cultural traditions from around the world.


    Spiritual art is not affiliated with any religious faith. Nevertheless, for both artists and audiences, experiencing spiritual art gives rise to an experience that is both aesthetic, authentic and transcendent. Participants describe it as feeling a greater sense of unity both within themselves and between themselves and the outside world.


    At the Nuo Spiritual Art Foundation, a dance company, we will focus primarily on spiritual dance, which integrates principles of ballet, modern dance, and dance therapy. In keeping with spiritual art’s quest of forming connections, we will also further the development of other art forms, including painting, sculpture and theater. In addition, we will work closely with members of our community and will travel widely, all with the goal of expanding the scope and reach of spiritual art.

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  • Mission

    Founded in 2017 by acclaimed Chinese born dancer and choreographer Nuo An, the Nuo Spiritual Art Foundation (NSAF) is a New York City based not-for-profit member of the United Nations’ Council of International Dance (CID), with a mission to promote and present the spiritual dance form. Originating in China, spiritual dance integrates principles of ballet, modern dance and dance therapy into a new art form that promotes an exploration of both body and mind, and an intensive cooperation among all participants. At its core, our work is a quest toward art and creativity that connects all of life.


    NSAF also furthers the development of spiritual art from disciplines beyond dance, including painting, sculpture and theatre. It is not affiliated with any religious faith, yet the end result is an experience that is therapeutic, aesthetic and transcendent for both dancers and audiences alike. At NSAF, we do not only teach dance; we discover it and create it together.


    NSAF fulfills its mission through performances as well as outreach programs directed at schools, elder centers, and organizations serving those with special needs. Dancers will collaborate closely with Nuo An and musicians over 24 months to choreograph an inaugural piece, to be performed in New York City and abroad. They will also participate in outreach programs in the community.


    Upon completion of 150 hours with NSAF and the conclusion of the first dance project, each of our dancers can proudly consider themselves well versed in the spiritual dance form. In addition, each receives the prestigious International Certification of Spiritual Dance Art, awarded by the CID. Our artists become part of a global family of dancers who receive special invitations to perform with many of the world’s best dance festivals and companies, and to be lifelong active participants in ever-evolving conversations on art and culture.

  • Our Team

    NUO AN, Founder, Board chair & Artistic Director

    Born and raised in China and now residing in New York City, Nuo An is a celebrated dancer and choreographer with experience in the field of dance since age 4. She is the author of the thesis “The New Dance Form: Spiritual Dance Art”, and an original founder of the art of spiritual dance.


    As a graduate of Beijing Dance Academy, and the Pratt Institute’s Dance Therapy Program, for more than ten years Nuo has focused on experimental dance and dance theory to create what ultimately became spiritual dance. Launched in China, incubated in the U.S., and imbued with a blend of Eastern and Western dance elements, spiritual dance integrates principles of ballet, modern dance and dance therapy into movement that is at once collaborative and healing to both body and soul.


    Nuo’s recent works include Opera Dream (2014, New Theatre in NYC); Dance Work: Zen Dance (2015, Brooklyn Museum Theater); New York Before and After (2016, Performance 15 Drama Festival); Tea Dance (2017, Dance in Italy) and Athene (2017, National Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, Athens, Greece). Teaching students and offering dance therapy to groups in the community are also essential components of her work as she seeks to impart lessons of spiritual dance to the widest possible audience.


    Nuo is a member of the United Nations Council on International Dance (CID) and frequently travels around the world in an effort to infuse her work with a global perspective.



    Elissa Queyquep White, BC-DMT, CMA, LCAT, studied with Marian Chace and Irmgard Bartenieff. She cofounded the Dance Therapy Program at Hunter College in 1971 and along with teaching, worked clinically from l967-1998. She is a charter member of ADTA and served in many capacities on the Board of Directors, the last being president of ADTA. She teaches courses at The New School, Pratt Institute and Kinections, is on the advisory board of Inspirees Institute for Creative Arts Therapy (IICAT) in Beijing. She has published articles on dmt and movement observation.


    YUQUAN WANG, Board member

    Yuquan Wang is a respected mentor in the venture capital industry in China. He lectures frequently on tech market trends, and on Sina, Tencent and tech media within China. As a leading venture capitalist in China, Yuquan has impacted and influenced many Chinese entrepreneurs and industrialist by promoting his model of “Modularized Innovation”.


    With over 20 years of market analysis and consultation experience, Wang has used “Modularized Innovation” to promote different aspects of the production and supply chain to focus and specialize in

    their key abilities. By practicing this model, different elements of a business such as R&D, supply chain management, and marketing can be further optimized, and used by innovative high-tech companies to access Chinese manufacturing; achieving high quality, volume production, in a relatively short amount of time.


    Prior to Haiyin, Wang founded Consultech in 1995, which was acquired by Omnicom Group. In 1998, he

    founded Frost & Sullivan China and served as President.


    JOAN WITTIG, Board member

    Joan Wittig, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT is Director of the Graduate Dance/Movement Therapy Program at Pratt Institute. She teaches and presents widely, both nationally and internationally, most recently in Japan and South Korea, on topics including Authentic Movement; Dance Therapy as In-Depth Psychotherapy; Movement as a Means to Awareness and Change; and other dance/movement therapy related material. Previously, Wittig worked for New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation for 16 years, including 7 years as Director of the Creative Arts Therapy Department at Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center. She now maintains a private practice in Manhattan.


    Wittig serves as the chair of Standards and Ethics Committee for the American Dance Therapy Association, and was instrumental in the passage of legislation that licenses Creative Arts Therapy in New York State. She served for 10 years as the liaison from the New York Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies to the Joint Council for Mental Health Services. Currently she serves on the New York State Board for Mental Health Professionals, and has been a member of the Academy of Dance Therapists since 1990.


    Wittig received an Outstanding Service Award from the American Dance Therapy Association in 2002, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the New York Art Therapy Association in 2003, and an Exceptional Service Award from the American Dance Therapy Association in 2006. She is the subject of a film on Dance/Movement Therapy, Moving Stories: Portraits of Dance/Movement Therapy. She earned her B.S. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and her M.S. from Hunter College.

  • Audition on going

    NUO Spiritual Dance offers a FREE training program for professional dancers with a final project to be premiered in 2019. The training and rehearsal will be combined and led by masters in Ballet, Modern, Contemporary as well as Nuo AN, the founder of Nuo Spiritual Dance. The training is complimentary for dancers who will receive an extra of $100 per month for their transportation.


    MORNING: 11:30AM - 1PM

    AFTERNOON: 1:30PM - 3:30PM

    LATE AFTERNOON: 3:45PM - 5:30PM



    MORNING: 11AM - 1PM

    AFTERNOON: 1:30PM - 3:30PM

    LATE AFTERNOON: 3:45PM - 5:30PM

    Four male dancers and one female dancer
    Strong ballet and modern dance background, or two or more years in a dance company.

    Dancers must arrive 30minutes prior to the audition for picking up numbers and warm up.

    Dancers will be required to commit 15/hours per week for rehearsal's on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
    Rehearsal days interrupted by weather or a national holiday will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience


    Contact: Please send a CV/BIO and additional information by September 4th, 2018:

    The following should be included:
    Name, Age
    Training, Basic experience
    Photo, Video

    Contact information

    Nuo An
    Founder, Artistic Director, and Choreographer
    Email: info@nuospiritualart.org
    Phone: (267) 312-2331


    Additional details will be provided in a confirmation email after submission of materials.

    Dancers joining NUO Spiritual Dance become trainees in the art of Spiritual Dance. They will receive about 20 hours of training, to take place over three weekdays, with the company each week toward mastery of the spiritual dance craft. In addition to 20 hours of training each week, dancers will receive the unique opportunity to perform with NUO Spiritual Dance on stages throughout the world, and receive the prestigious Council of International Dance (CID) certification awarded by the United Nations after a successful completion of 150 hours of training.


    The essential difference between NUO Spiritual Dance and any other dance schools or companies is that every dancer who joins us will become a first generation Spiritual Dancer. The future of each of these individuals includes not only performing on various international stages, but also carrying on this art form and through it, reaching as many people and dancers as possible. During the training, ballet, modern and contemporary dance classes will be led by international master-teachers, and the Spiritual Dance technique will be introduced by the founder Nuo An. Dancers will explore and experience both body and mind, inside and outside, soul and brain in collaboration.


    The rehearsal process progresses gradually, and it is more about the creation of a cohesive ensemble rather than movement repetition.


    NUO Spiritual Dance company is a big family welcoming all dancers who are interested in and enthusiastic about learning this new dance form. We provide the training, the performing opportunities and the long-term employment possibilities, such as NUO Spiritual Dance members, Spiritual Dance teachers, Spiritual Dance outreach organizer, etc. Any Spiritual Dance artist incubated in this family will always have our collaboration and support.


    As we know, dancers keep themselves trained through public open classes. We are trying to save their time and energy by bringing the masters to our studio.


    NUO Spiritual Dance has been incubated through a long and rich process. To master its core, dancers would need to give themselves to the intellectual and movement courses with openness and commitment.

    Dancers who wish to audition should have a solid dance foundation and be a minimum of 18 years old.
    We are looking for individuals who are disciplined, self-motivated, and respectful of different cultures and arts.
    The program will be starting after the audition process is completed.


    Future audition is on going. If you miss September auditions feel free to reach out to us for a special arrangement.
    Please be aware that, as of today, we can work only with US citizens, permanent residents and working visa holders.



  • Videos

    An Nuo Performances

    Performance at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre @ Symphony Space, NYC May 2018

    Performance at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre @ Symphony Space, NYC May 2018

    Performance at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre @ Symphony Space, NYC May 2018

    Performance at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre @ Symphony Space, NYC May 2018

    Performance at Peter Jay Sharp Theatre @ Symphony Space, NYC May 2018

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    • Intern

    NUO seeks committed volunteers and interns with a passion for dance to assist the company in its daily operation. Assignments will include, but are not limited to, providing assistance to the directors, maintaining our website, helping to curate our social media sites, and being involved in fundraising process. This opportunity will afford you the unique chance to learn about spiritual dance and to observe the creation of NUO’s inaugural dance project. If you are a dance lover, this position will provide you a close connection with reputable dance masters and active dancers. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit a cover letter and resume to info@nuospiritualart.org . This is a contracted position with a mutually agreed upon, set number of work hours a week. The work is remote with weekly meetings.